College Possible Curriculum

2019 - 2020

Welcome Letter

Dear 2019-20 college coaches,

Welcome to College Possible’s online curriculum. We are very excited for you to use this new and innovative platform as you begin to coach and empower students this school year. You play a vital role in our mission to help students from low-income backgrounds reach their potential and achieve their college dreams. Your interactions and relationships with students are the core of our program’s success.

This platform was created for you to better serve students across topics in academic success, personal development and financial management. It is designed to provide you with a knowledge base on the important elements of the college experience and how to help students succeed.

Moving the curriculum to an online platform allows for a more interactive and mobile-friendly resource you can easily access. We’re also excited to take advantage of this digital platform and include new features such as;

  • Integration with Hypothesis, a note-taking, annotation and collaboration tool.
  • Hover-over text definitions and glossary.
  • PDF downloads of content to easily print or share.
  • Recorded examples of coaching sessions.

Your feedback is critical as we move forward with this new platform and we invite you to share any questions, suggestions or bugs you may encounter as you begin using this tool. This curriculum has developed over the years with the input of Corps members like you, and will continue to be refined based on your experiences and feedback. We are striving to ensure successful knowledge transfer year-to-year, and to provide you with the best coaching experience possible.

Thank you for your service in helping to build a better future for our students.

Catalyze Curriculum

A tailored version of our College Curriculum intended for Catalyze Coaches and partners at Catalyze institutions.