20-21 Virtual Coaching Resources

The nuances of coaching are definitely different when done virtually rather than in person. Here are some resources to help you navigate those nuances in virtual formats.

Resources for Coaches

How to Make an Emotional Connection Virtually: Some tips from Forbes to help you connect with others when you can’t meet in person.

12 Creative Ways to Connect with Students Online: Lots of ideas for things like increasing engagement, creating normalcy, and creating a community.

7 Tips for Being a Better Virtual Teacher: A Teach for America guide to facilitating session virtually.

10 Must-Know Tips for Virtual Teaching: A list of things to take into consideration as you plan your virtual coaching sessions.

How to Make Online Classes Work: Tips to make sure online sessions work for both you and your students.

Resources & Tips for Remote Education During School Closures: Tips for online facilitation relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic.

10 Virtual Teaching Tips for Beginners: Easy tips to center in on your virtual facilitation strategy.

11 Digital Education Tools for Teachers and Students: Digital tools to help engage students and facilitate lessons

Canva.com: A great tool to create professional-looking social media posts and other resources

Later.com: A tool for managing multiple social media platforms and analyzing effectiveness

How to Manage Your Time When You’re Working From Home: Time management strategies for conducting work in a virtual world

The 5 Best Time Management Practices When You First Start Working From Home: 5 tips to remain effective when transitioning to working from home.

Starting a New Job Remotely During Coronavirus: Tips to prepare for entering a new work environment in an unprecedented time.

Resources for Students

Tips for Taking Online Classes: Tips to help students succeed in an online learning environment.

College Application Tips for High School Students Taking Virtual Classes: Things for students to think about and highlight in their college application process.

What Makes a Successful Online Learner?: Ways for students to enhance their online learning experience and promote success.

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